Wendy Project Objectives

The main objective of the Wendy project is to trigger a change in the social perception of onshore and offshore wind energy projects. To unravel the triggers for social acceptance of wind farms, a multi-spatial planning and impact assessment tool will be developed and validated through a comprehensive social, environmental and technical analysis.


Energy and environmental impact assessment in landscape design

Promote an integrated landscape-level assessment of technical, social and environmental impacts and benefits to support environmental design and energy landscapes.

Cumulative impact assessment for wind farm deployment

Develop a holistic assessment system for realistic in-depth analysis of the cumulative social, technical and ecological cumulative impacts of wind farms and facilitate the identification of future deployment areas.

Identifying barriers to wind energy acceptance

Establish the basis of current barriers towards wind energy acceptance both at the European level and at the WENDY use case level.

Dissemination activities for a better understanding of wind energy

Develop outreach activities tailored to WENDY use cases to drive understanding of wind farm decision-making processes and improve energy citizenship.

WENDY Knowledge Hubs for wind farm planning

Establish WENDY Knowledge Hubs, forums to facilitate knowledge knowledge sharing between decision makers and key stakeholders within wind farm planning processes.