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Fundación Circe Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos.

CIRCE is a technology centre founded in 1993, seeking to provide innovative solutions for a sustainable development.

The CIRCE research centre consists of a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, which work towards improving the competitiveness of enterprises through generation of technology transfer by means of R+D activities and market-oriented training within the field of resource sustainability and effectiveness, energy grids and renewable energies.

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White Research SRL

White Research (WR) is a social research consulting firm, specializing in innovation management, consumer behaviour, market analysis and business modelling and planning in the fields of Health, Transport, Energy, Agriculture, Smart Cities, ICT and other related sectors and sub-fields.

It mines and interprets hard-to-grasp consumer and user insights through a combination of modern analytics, marketing research, collective intelligence and evaluation methods to design efficient actions that put the end-user at the centre of the decision-making process affect the value of your home.



Stiftelsen Norsk Institutt For Naturforskning NINA

NINA is the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, established in 1988. Its activities include research as well as assessment, environmental monitoring, consulting and evaluation, with the overall objective of contributing to the sustainable development of society by providing current and research-based knowledge on biodiversity, climate and society.

Environmentally friendly renewable energy is one of NINA's core research topics, including hydropower, onshore and offshore wind, power transmission and energy systems. NINA's goal is to help ensure no net loss of natural values in renewable energy development through environmental design approaches.

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Enel Green Power Spa

Enel Green Power (EGP) was founded in 2008 within the Enel Group to develop and manage energy generated from renewable resources worldwide. Present on 5 continents, EGP has assets in operation or under construction in 21 countries; with a total of more than 56 GW of installed renewable capacity from a mix of renewable resources, such as wind, solar, hydro and geothermal.

Its main objective is to accompany the planet towards a new era of sustainable and decarbonized energy for all. It is also one of the founding members of RES4MED - Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and Beyond - an association created in 2012 to promote renewable energies and the infrastructures needed to supply electricity throughout the Mediterranean area.an affect the value of your home. Several studies show that solar.

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Norwegian Offshore Wind

Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOWC) is the largest representative body for offshore wind energy in Norway, with the overall mission to develop world-leading supply chains within floating wind energy.

NOWC represents both supply chain companies and developers, with a strong voice in both Norwegian politics and industry. Internationally, helps its members to access and succeed in key offshore wind markets, especially floating wind.

In addition, NOWC organizes the annual Norwegian national offshore wind conference, Havvindkonferansen, and the floating wind industry's most important international event, Floating Wind Days.


Energeiaki Koinotita Anatolikis Kritis

Minoan Energy Community (MEC) was founded in 2019 in the small town of Arkalochori. Today, MEC has more than 600 members and is characterized as the largest energy community in Greece. MEC's vision is to make the energy transition in Crete the pylon for a fair and rational social and economic development for all Cretans. Therefore, a set of energy transition projects (wind farms, pumped storage, biomass district heating, smart grid, hydrogen plants and new photovoltaic systems) have been designed and are being implemented one by one, together with an extensive training campaign, dedicated to raising awareness of the energy transition throughout the island community.

With vision, integrity, high-level technical and economic expertise, MEC aims to make Crete the first truly energy independent and democratic green island in Greece.

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Copenhagen Business School

The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1917. Today, with 20,000 students and 1,500 employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe and one of the 8 Danish universities. It offers a comprehensive range of academic degrees in business economics and modern languages.

In addition, the Copenhagen Business School prioritizes close collaboration with business, governments and civil society. Through collaboration and innovative ``entrepreneurial`` research and education, CBS wants to transform society and strengthen the capabilities of its students.

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Asociación de Empresas de Energías Renovables

The Association of Renewable Energy Companies (APPA), founded in 1987, is a leading organization in the renewable energy sector in Spain. It is made up of companies and entities whose mission is the use of renewable energies in all their forms. Among its objectives are the defense of the sector's interests, information and legal advice to its associates; representing the sector before national, European and international organizations.

APPA is an active member of several European and international associations and institutions, such as EREF, Wind Europe and GIA. The organization also participates in ISO and the European Committee for Standardization. APPA provides services and support to its members and works to bring its ideas and objectives to the public.

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Q-Plan International Advisors PC

Q-PLAN is an innovation and management consulting company based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Q-PLAN focuses on:

  • The design, management and implementation of European research and innovation projects as well as policy studies
  • Supporting private or public organizations to (re)design, implement, audit and accredit/certify their management systems and processes
  • Providing support services to companies to maximize the use of available funding opportunities.

Q-PLAN is currently involved in more than 55 EU-funded projects and policy studies.


Wendy Sister Projects

WIMBY - Wind in my backyard

WIMBY is an European funded project supporting the adoption and acceptance of wind-power in the European Union. It will develop innovative tools to facilitate citizen and stakeholders interaction, knowledge sharing, and collaborative evaluation of impacts, conflicts, synergies and social innovation potential.

The main objective of this research is to mitigate the “Not in my backyard” (NIMBY) effect by providing practical information that all stakeholders and citizens can use for simple and comprehensible assessments, aimed at creating a common ground for participatory decision making processes.


JustWind4All, a Horizon Europe project, aims to support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy, including emerging wind technologies like airborne and floating, through just and effective governance. By using a trans-disciplinary multi-method research design, it creates synergies among people and organisations to coordinate and participate in actions around wind energy deployment. Moreover, it aims to develop knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies, and trainings for just and effective decision-making in onshore and offshore wind energy governance. One of the key activities of JustWind4All project is engaging with local, regional, national and EU wind energy governance actors across policy, community and industry through its Wind Forum – a platform designed to meet, network, discuss and go into action.