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Below you will find the official press kit for the WENDY Project—an extraordinary endeavour at the forefront of transforming how we perceive and harness wind energy. This press kit serves as a window into the project’s pioneering vision, technological innovation, and collaborative spirit that’s shaping a more sustainable future.

Within these pages, you’ll find a comprehensive array of resources designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the WENDY Project’s essence. From our visual identity that captures the project’s vibrancy to key messages that distill its impact, this press kit is a reservoir of insights aimed at informing, inspiring, and sparking dialogue.

We invite you to explore the dynamic facets of the WENDY Project as it advances, contributing to a global shift in energy paradigms. Whether you’re a journalist uncovering stories or a stakeholder eager to grasp the intricate tapestry of sustainable progress, this press kit is your gateway to understanding the WENDY Project’s journey.

Thank you for joining us on this transformative path towards sustainable energy evolution. Your engagement and curiosity fuel our commitment to pioneering change.

What is the WENDY project?

The WENDY project is a forward-looking EU funded project aimed at transforming societal perceptions of onshore and offshore wind energy projects. It strives to shift attitudes from ‘Not In My Backyard’ (NIMBY) resistance to a more favourable ‘Please, In My Back Yard’ (PIMBY) state.

Who are the WENDY partners?

The WENDY consortium consists of nine (9) partners from six (6) European countries.

  1. Project coordinator: Circe – Centro Tecnológico (SPAIN)
  2. White Research (BELGIUM)
  3. NINA – Stiftelsen Norsk Institutt for Naturforskning (NORWAY)
  4. ENEL Green Power (ITALY)
  5. Norwegian Offshore Wind (NORWAY)
  6. Minoan Energy Community (GREECE)
  7. Copenhagen Business School (DENMARK)
  8. APPA Renovables (SPAIN)
  9. Q-Plan International (GREECE)