General Information

  • Type: Onshore wind energy
  • Location: Italy
  • Pilot Representative: Enel Green Power (EGP)
  1. Bagaladi (Calabria CZ, 2010): the Bagaladi wind farm came into operation in 2012 with a total of 33 turbines with a wind power generation of 28MW.
  2. Maida / San Florio (Calabria RC, 2012): the Maida and San Florio wind farms came into operation in 2010 with a total of 28 and 4 turbines with a wind power generation of 56 and 8 MW, respectively.
Both these wind farms are located in areas of resting and foraging for migratory avifauna in the seasons of spring and autumn. The lands present a dual use: in Bagaladi they are mountainous areas of agriculture with natural vegetation, and in Maida/San Florio they are of agricultural activity mixed with natural vegetation.

Challenges to be addressed

The dual use as mountain agricultural areas mixed with natural vegetation in these wind farms represents a challenge. In addition, migratory avifauna during spring and autumn represent an open problem for animal life.


Biodiversity impact: This pilot will help to better evaluate and unify the natural environment.

Social engagement: The pilot project will demonstrate the possibility of dual land use, combining traditional activities such as agriculture with energy generation.

Replication Potential

Technologies validated can be used in onshore wind farms during operation phase to detect avifauna in real time. Also, it can be used to prevent mortality during pre-construction phase for a better wind farm sitting and for the planning of habitat management actions.