General Information

  • Type: Hybrid onshore wind farm
  • Location: Greece
  • Pilot Representative: Minoan Energy Community (MEC)
The under planning wind park is located at Crete, in the Asterousia Mountain. It will consist of 4 wind turbines with a total power generation of 12 MW. The site has been carefully selected to avoid or at least minimize any potential impact on the natural environment or existing human activities. However, the site could lead to potential conflicts.

Challenges to be addressed

The location of the wind farm may cause social conflicts:

  • 200 m from the nearest boundary of a Special Protection Area for Birds.
  • 1500 m from an archaeological site.

In general, social acceptance is going to be a major challenge to be faced due to the intense negative attitude common in Crete against the installation of wind farms.


Social Commitment: This pilot will contribute to implement a positive and effective public participation that will help the development of the wind project, as it will be essential for its correct evolution.

Replication Potential

MEC will explore the option to apply the WENDY results in one or two more islands, apart from Crete. One of these will be the case of Sifnos, one of the six pilot islands of the “Clean Energy for EU Islands” initiative, where there are still some social acceptance concerns related to the natural environment and the island’s aesthetics.