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Steering committee meets for the last time in year 1

This Wednesday, all the WENDY project partners gathered online for the third steering committee meeting. Although it is more enjoyable to meet in person, the online meetings are very time efficient.

The steering committee meeting takes place to make sure all Work Package (WP) leaders are in control, and tasks and deliverables are running as planned. Here, the partners have a chance to ask questions or raise issues related to the project work.

Jonatan Peris Rivas, Project Manager at CIRCE - Centro Tecnológico

It is great for me, as the project manager, to get these updates from all the partners. It makes it easier to see if there are something that needs to be adjusted or if there are partners struggling with their tasks, says Jonatan Peris Rivas, Project Manager at CIRCE – Centro Tecnológico (Technology Center).

It has been some busy last few months for the project partners with many activities happening in various work packages.

This time we are happy to report that all tasks and deliverables are on track, and the partners will continue the work to deliver on time. The next big deadline in the WENDY project is at the end of September, so there is no time to rest for the partners the upcoming months, says Jonatan.

31 September marks the end of the first year of the WENDY project, which also marks the end of WP2 Preparatory studies related to turbines’ social acceptance and wind energy citizenship and WP3 Energy landscape and environmental design: environmental and technological impact assessment of wind energy. These feed into some of the other WPs and is therefore essential for the continuous work the upcoming two years of the project.