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Meet the Partners – CIRCE, the project leader

Founded in 1993, CIRCE is a key player in sustainable development and leads the WENDY project with a skilled and diverse team dedicated to innovative solutions for renewable energy development.

-We work towards improving enterprise competitiveness through technology transfer via R&D (research and development) activities and market-oriented training in resource sustainability, effectiveness, energy grids, and renewable energies, says Jonatan Peris Rivas, Project Manager at Fundacion CIRCE.

CIRCE, as the coordinator of the WENDY project, plays a role in wind characterisation, curtailment evaluation criteria, and sM-V.KPI application.

Dedicated Team

Eight individuals from CIRCE are working on the WENDY project, focusing on enhancing the social acceptability of wind energy. Key people include:

  • Ana Talayero & Sonia de Uña: Leading holistic impact assessments on wind installations’ environmental and community effects.
  • Hector Leiva: Researching mitigation solutions and compensation strategies for CO2 footprints.
  • Jonatan Peris Rivas: Serving as WENDY Coordinator and Project Manager, overseeing technical and financial execution.

Wind Power Expertise

With over two decades of experience, CIRCE has great experience in wind energy, contributing significantly to the technical, financial, social, and environmental aspects of the sector. Their extensive involvement spans the entire value chain, from site assessment to the ongoing operation and servicing of 450 wind farms globally. As a trusted partner for major wind energy firms, CIRCE’s commitment to research, development, and innovation is evident in their participation in global projects, seeking innovative solutions for the future.

Strategic Alignment

CIRCE’s involvement in the WENDY project stems from its dedication to overcoming challenges in wind energy, particularly addressing issues related to public acceptance. Recognising the complexities of social, environmental, and technical factors, CIRCE aims to enhance the overall acceptability of wind power. Specifically, the organisation will contribute models for wind resource characterisation and micro-siting evaluation, aligning with its philosophy of seeking innovative solutions for the sector.

Catalyst for Change

Guided by CIRCE, WENDY is more than a project—it’s a catalyst for transitioning from ‘NIMBY’ (Not In My Backyard) to ‘PIMBY’ (Please In My Backyard), fostering cooperation between communities and renewable energy. The expected impacts span scientific advancements, societal transformations, economic benefits, technological innovations, and environmental considerations. WENDY aims to increase social acceptability by addressing multiple factors at social, environmental, and technical levels.

Jonatan Peris Rivas.

Envisioned outcomes include the standardisation of consenting procedures, improved policies, and replication of successful activities in at least 12 new regions. The project’s multidisciplinary approach will impact citizens, legislators, and the European Union, contributing to better understanding social acceptance and enhancing competitiveness through technology transfer.

-WENDY is not just about wind energy; it’s about nurturing a new era of cooperation between communities and renewable energy, says Jonatan Peris Rivas.

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