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Launching and introducing the WENDY Knowledge Exchange Platform: Empowering collaboration and enabling knowledge sharing in wind energy

The consortium of the WENDY project is proud to announce the launch of its Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP). KEP represents a significant milestone in our project journey towards enhancing energy stewardship and energy acceptance by addressing and leveraging three main dimensions: environmental sciences, social sciences and humanities, and technology engineering.

The platform is designed to foster knowledge sharing and facilitate collaboration within the wind energy community. It serves as a digital space where wind energy stakeholders, experts, as well as any other wind energy enthusiasts, such as residents, can connect, interact, share knowledge, and access valuable information resources.  

“From sharing good examples of wind farm cases and practices to engaging in thematic discussions and accessing the forthcoming WENDY tools, KEP provides a dynamic environment for mutual learning and community growth,” said Evangelos Genitsaris, Research and Innovation Consultant at Q-Plan International.

Key features:

Key sections, elements, and functionalities of the Knowledge Exchange Platform include:

    • Map of Lighthouse Wind Farms: This section acts as an observatory of lighthouse wind farms across the EU, based on several aspects related to the wind farms’ social acceptance.
    • Local Knowledge Hubs: These represent an innovative democratic forum and knowledge-sharing inclusive environment applied at the pilot and local levels.
    • Interactive Forum: Here, wind energy enthusiasts can engage with each other and with WENDY partners, ask questions, and participate in various discussions.
    • Knowledge Repository: This comprises a resource library providing access to a wide range of materials, including reports, papers, case studies, and tools.
    • Network of Interest: This is a community of experts, industry professionals, researchers, policymakers, and other wind energy enthusiasts.
    • WENDY Toolkit: This section serves as an online repository for all tools generated throughout the project.

Overall, the WENDY Knowledge Exchange Platform provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to stay updated and informed on wind energy topics, gain insights, network, and be inspired. The platform is gradually evolving and being enriched by the contributions of our consortium and the wider community.

WENDY Calls for Collaboration and Engagement

Through knowledge sharing and collaboration, we can accelerate the transition to a future of enhanced energy stewardship, with wind energy initiatives that are socially accepted and embraced by local communities. We invite you to join us in shaping the future of wind energy by visiting and using the WENDY – Knowledge Exchange Platform (at

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