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Join the WENDY Network of Interest: Engage with like-minded fellows in Wind Energy

The WENDY project invites all Wind energy stakeholders or enthusiasts to join the WENDY Network of Interest (NoI). This is collaborative platform where stakeholders, experts, and passionate individuals in the wind energy sector can come together to share insights, exchange ideas, and collaboratively impact the WENDY project’s activities and the advancement of WENDY wind energy tools and practices.  

Members of the Network of Interest (NoI) will act as advisors on matters related, among others, to participatory processes employed in wind farms, social innovation, and financing schemes, as well as means to de-risk investments in community wind energy projects, said Evangelos Genitsaris, Research and Innovation Consultant at Q-Plan International.

The members will have the opportunity to engage with the WENDY hubs’ communities in Italy, Spain, Norway, and Greece. These hubs are like innovative, “democratic” forums where local stakeholders can share knowledge. They empower people to find solutions that benefit both local communities and the renewable energy industry.

Benefits from joining the WENDY Network of Interest:

  • Access to special knowledge-sharing events.
  • Invaluable insights from the WENDY project.
  • Gain experience with tools applied in real-world scenarios.
  • A unique advisory role.
  • The opportunity to participate in interactive discussions.
  • Showcase best practices, wind farm cases, initiatives, and ideas.
  • Networking opportunities and meaningful connections with a diverse community of dedicated professionals and individuals.
  • Visibility and recognition within their wind energy community for their contributions.

The NoI members may represent (but is not limited to) wind energy experts, wind energy industries, wind energy investors, policy makers, energy community members, energy consultants, civil organisations, researchers, citizens, and NGOs.

More information about the Network of Interest and the members’ anticipated role can be found here. Interested individuals can sign up electronically for free membership here. Participation is optional, and members decide how much time they want to commit. Similarly, the nature of involvement can be tailored to the preferences of each individual. There’s no obligation to stay, and members can leave the network whenever they wish.

Read the full press release here.